The Details

Activate Leadership was founded by Lead Pastor Joshua Gagnon and Next Level Church with the hope of seeing churches and leaders across New England unite for the cause of seeing people far from God fall in love with Jesus Christ. We hope you and your team will join us in our mission to see the gospel spread throughout New England. We believe New England is not a forsaken region but rather a huge opportunity for God to be made famous, and Activate is our way to do our part in providing engaging and affordable relationships, encouragement, and leadership opportunities to people trying to share Jesus in America's least church region!

Want to connect?

If you want to connect with other churches and church leaders throughout New England, please email us at and tell us about you and your ministry so we can see how we can serve you best!


Are you interested in sponsoring this year's conference? You will have the chance to reach hundreds of church leaders from across New England with your brand through the region's most trusted and influential conference! Email to learn more today.